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The VOXReality Project: Transforming Europe through XR Innovation

The Voice-drive interaction in XR spaces (VOXReality) initiative is funded by the European commission and aims to  integrate language- and vision-based Artificial intelligence models for Extended Reality (XR) experiences. 

Athens, 11 January 2023 – VOXReality project aims to disrupt the European Extended Reality ecosystem by using AI technologies to create multi-modal XR experiences combining vision and sound. The consortium is formed by 10 industry leaders from 5 European countries (Greece, Germany, Italy, Ireland and Netherlands).  The members held a two-day meeting the past October where the project roadmap was presented.

VOXReality’s main goal is to conduct research and develop new AI models to drive future XR interactive experiences, and to deliver these models to the wider European market.

These new models will address human-to-human interaction in unidirectional (theater) and bidirectional (virtual conference) settings, as well as human-to-machine interaction by building the next generation of personal assistants.

The project will validate these developments through three use cases. The first one addressing novel assistant applications like instruction assistants, HMD-mounted technical support assistants, or navigation guides. 

The second use case at virtual conferences by developing a speech-driven animation technology to carry posture and gesture cues into avatar-based environments.

The third case will be focused on theatrical experiences through the combination of language translation, audio-visual user associations, and AR VFX triggered by predetermined speech which will be driven by VOXReality’s language and vision pretrained models.

The initiative, funded by the European Commission, brings together the key partners to tackle the great challenge of innovation in sectors heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The consortium coordinated by Gruppo Maggioli includes representatives from research and academic institutions, end-users, industry innovators and social XR experts. 


Natalia Cardona – Communications Manager