Open Call

VOX Reality aims to to further extend the use-cases and the application domains, address sector specific constraints, ensure reproducibility and demonstrate their integration paths. The maximum amount to be granted to each third party is €200 000. VOXReality has a 1 Million EUR fund available to support European SMEs.

VOXReality aims to ensure reproducibility and repeatability of the research results, promote open data and interfaces standardisation, avoiding narrow de-facto standards and demonstrate clear and efficient integration paths for the European industry uptake.

The Open Call will focus in building XR applications deploying the VOXReality models based, to demonstrate the clear integration path of the VOXReality pretrained models across the EU SME ecosystem.

The plan is to fund 5 projects, up to 200,000EUR each and 12 months duration (Total of 1M)​

The VOXReality consortium will provide guidelines and technical support in engineering integration, testing and validation to support the development of such technical projects.

open call