Open Call - Closed!

VOXReality will support a minimum of 5 external institutions as beneficiaries throughout a 1-year programme to extend application domains, providing with 200K EUR equity-free funding. The goal is to integrate VOXReality models into new XR applications, thus advancing immersive experiences across various sectors.

open call

Who are we looking for?

Are you an innovative thinker eager to shape the future of extended reality (XR) experiences? You can apply if you are: 

  • Single entity: Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs); or  
  • Consortium of maximum of 2 entities: Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

If this is you then you are what we are looking for!

The VOXReality Open Call seeks passionate individuals and entities ready to embark on a journey of innovation and collaboration. If you possess the drive to extend application domains and integrate cutting-edge AI models into XR applications, we want to hear from you.

What does VOXReality offer?

VOXReality programme offers an opportunity designed to empower visionaries like you to redefine the boundaries of extended reality (XR) experiences. With our technology and support, you can unleash your creativity and bring your boldest XR ideas to life. Here’s a closer look at the technologies offered:

Visual Language Models

Elevate your XR applications with immersive visual experiences. Our visual language models provide spatial descriptions, image captioning, and question answering functionalities, enabling interaction with RGB images. 

Automatic Speech Recognition and Neural Machine Translation

Break language barriers effortlessly. From audio transcription to contextual translation, our tools ensure seamless communication across multiple languages, including consortium languages such as: English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, and Greek. 

Conversation Agents

Enhance user engagement and immersion with conversation agents tailored for conference-related information and training instructions. Our agents provide intent recognition, navigation assistance, and program-related information retrieval, ensuring seamless user interactions in XR environments. 

Furthermore, we will also provide developer tools, publicly shared AI models and deployment guidelines tailored to help you navigate the intricacies of immersive experiences.

Developer Tools: Simplify your development process with our suite of developer tools. From model optimisation to seamless deployment, our tools streamline every aspect of XR application development, allowing you to focus on innovation. 

Publicly Shared AI Models: Join our thriving community of innovators on Hugging Face, where all our AI models are publicly shared. Collaborate, iterate, and innovate with fellow developers to unlock new possibilities in XR technology. 

Deployment Guidelines: Navigate the complexities of model deployment with ease using our detailed deployment guidelines. Whether you prefer source code-based, container-based, or Kubernetes-based deployment options, we provide comprehensive support every step of the way. 

What are the challenges?

Integration challenge

Integrate VOXReality models into new XR applications, expanding their functionality and applicability. 

  • Integration of at least one VOXReality model into an XR application. 
  • Development of a fully functional XR application. 
  • User testing with at least 30 participants and a comprehensive report on outcomes. 

Extension challenge

Extend VOXReality models to new languages, directions, or tasks, enhancing their capabilities and performance. 

  • Utilisation of VOXReality models as pre-trained models. 
  • Literature investigation on selected tasks for model extension. 
  • Training and adaptation of new models with benchmark testing and comparison. 

Full-cycle challenge

Extend VOXReality models while integrating them into new XR applications, pushing the boundaries of both research and integration. 

  • Proof-of-concept demonstrating XR solutions in new application domains. 
  • Integration of VOXReality models into innovative XR applications. 

When does the VOXReality programme run?

The VOXReality programme will last 12 months. The support and development cycle will start on July 2024 and will end July 2025 

Open call documents

Includes Open Call Application form (template); Sub-grant agreement (template); Declaration of Honour SME (template); Consortium Declaration of Honour (template); SME Self-Declaration (template); Bank account information (template).

Download here the Open Call Documents ZIP file. 

Please read the terms and conditions and eligibility criteria on the guidelines for applicants before applying. 

Want to know more?

Watch the Information Webinars below for more details about the Open Call, including the eligibility criteria and how to apply. No time for a video? Check the slides.

Still have questions? Join us live on Zoom for an Ask-Me-Anything session at 12:00 CEST on one of these dates:

  • Thursday, May 23 2024
  • Monday, June 3 2024

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Open call webinar #2