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Partner Interview #4 with VRDays Foundation

Can you provide an overview of your organisation's involvement in the VOXReality project and your specific role within the consortium?

At VRDays Foundation, we are advocates of innovation and creative approaches to pushing the boundaries of immersive technologies and sparking debates on sustainable technology development. Joining forces with the VOXReality consortium aligns perfectly with our mission. We’re immensely proud to serve as a gateway, a bridge if you will, to the broader XR community and industry for this project. 

Our contribution to the VOXReality consortium work lies in our extensive experience and network within the XR industry, where the consortium work will have a significant impact.  

During the development of VOXReality, we take several roles, from particular contributions to partners’ work, from developing one of the specific VOXReality use cases – VR Conference – to leading the pilot ideation, planning and delivery of all three use cases.  

Moreover, we’re excited to amplify the impact of the consortium’s work by showcasing it at events like Immersive Tech Week in Rotterdam. It’s not just about what we accomplish within the consortium but also about how we extend its reach and influence to the broader XR community. 

What technical breakthroughs do you anticipate during the course of the VOXReality project?

From the perspective of the VR Conference use case, we’re thrilled about the work we’re putting in alongside the VOXReality consortium. The implications for the event industry, especially in the realm of B2B events, are incredibly exciting.  

The VR Conference case being developed by VOXReality promises to revolutionise the landscape, offering effective, high-end, non-physical, business-driven, multilingual, and assisted interactions for virtual visitors. This breakthrough will fundamentally reshape our understanding and experience of events. 

What role do emerging technologies play in enhancing the technical capabilities of virtual conferencing solutions?

Thanks to today’s technological advancements, the boundaries of distance and presence have become merely matters of perception. Emerging technologies like VR, AR, and AI have opened up a new realm where perception is constantly pushed to its limits. 

With VOXReality’s pioneering development of voice-driven interactions in XR spaces, both event organisers and attendees will face a fundamental shift in their preconceived notions. This innovative leap will, in turn, unlock fresh opportunities for organisers and businesses to enhance the value of their activities. Moreover, it will empower visitors to engage in meaningful and productive interactions, irrespective of their geographical constraints. 

What business models do you think are worth exploring for the sustained growth of virtual conferencing technologies?

VRDays Foundation firmly believes that the development of virtual accessibility for conferences and trade shows holds the key to unlocking a wealth of new business opportunities for B2B events and their participants. By tapping into these opportunities, we can create fresh value for those already involved in events, particularly within the realm of B2B engagements such as trade shows, one-to-one meetings, demo sessions, and networking opportunities. 

What role do you see virtual conferencing playing in the evolution of communication technologies over the next decade?

In its many formats, the development of virtuality in the next decade will bring change to conferencing at speed never experienced before, from simple interactions with conference speakers to complex business agreements done safely and virtually. All these interactions will support themselves on communication technologies, bringing down barriers such as complex navigation and language limitations that are normal to every event, especially today, where the scale and international reach of visitors demand new approaches from organisers. 

Voice-driven interaction will play an important part in these developments by offering a seamless, intuitive means of engagement. It streamlines tasks, supports hands-free operation, and integrates with other modalities for richer experiences. Through personalisation and remote assistance, it promises to elevate usability and foster smoother interactions, charting new avenues for innovation and collaboration. In essence, it promises to elevate the usability, accessibility, and engagement of virtual conferencing, charting new avenues for innovation and cooperation in the years ahead. 

Picture of Manuel Toledo

Manuel Toledo

Head of Production at VRDays Foundation