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Revolutionising Industrial Training with Augmented Reality: A Glimpse into the VOXReality Project

Augmented Reality (AR), with its powerful immersive capabilities, is painting a new future for industrial environments. By merging the physical and digital worlds, AR provides a groundbreaking platform for prototype design, industrial site planning, operational training, and safety promotion. It allows content to be visualized in a way that is not possible in traditional environments, and provides the ability to interact virtually with complex machinery in a risk-free environment, making it a significant asset in industrial training.

The transformative VOXReality project seamlessly integrates AR with innovative technologies such as XR Streaming and advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) language models. This integration is designed to enhance user training experiences by providing interactive, high-performance interactions with virtual personal assistants that provide guidance and support during AR-based training.

Industrial AR Training with XR Streaming and 3D CAD Visualization

Augmented Reality training can take many forms. Hololight’s XR Engineering application, Hololight Space, addresses the common need for practical knowledge and experience in machine assembly in industrial environments. The solution goes beyond traditional visualisation, allowing users to engage with specific sub-components of machines that are critical to assembly instructions. 

Powered by Hololight Stream, the company’s proprietary XR Streaming technology, Hololight Space provides remote rendering and application streaming capabilities, ensuring powerful and high-quality AR experiences while overcoming the processing limitations of XR mobile devices. This feature integrates VOXReality’s AI models, enriching AR training experiences using Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 AR headset as the medium for visualising virtual content and communication.

Human-Centric Training: AI-Driven Virtual Personal Assistants

Users engaged in AR assembly training often benefit from the presence of an instructor to oversee the steps of the training. However, it is not always possible or operationally practical to have an instructor present. Nevertheless, users should be able to have a source of guidance during their training experience when needed. VOXReality aims to create a truly novel addition to AR assembly training by integrating AI language models developed by other VOXReality consortium partners into the Hololight Space application.

In conjunction with these AI models, users participating in the training will be provided with a unique support system in the form of a virtual personal assistant. This assistant monitors the trainee’s progress and has the ability to step in and offer support and guidance when the trainee needs it. The virtual personal assistant to be developed in this project will also be able to interact with the student throughout the training process. Interacting with this virtual personal assistant creates a personalised support system during training that enhances learning during the AR experience. By using this virtual personal assistant, users will be able to receive live feedback and immediate support.

Strengthening Industrial Performance and Safety

The combination of AI and AR developed by the VOXReality project forms a unique industrial training solution that provides immediate virtual support and allows trainees to learn at their own pace. The use of Augmented Reality for training minimises the need for physical machines and additional personnel, fostering a learning environment that is more efficient, effective and safe.

These AI-enabled dialog systems and AR technologies form a synergy that not only reduces the time required for complete training, but also helps provide the necessary hands-on skills that trainees need to gain a concrete understanding of the tasks to be performed, and enhances the quality of learning by ensuring immediate feedback and support. 

The use of the dialog system and AI models is critical to this step, as the virtual personal assistant provides immediate, personalised support and engagement that can reduce the time required for complete training. Having an assistant to interact with also provides peace of mind, as immediate feedback supports the learning process. This revolutionary approach promises a well-trained workforce that contributes to improved performance and safety in industrial environments.

VOXReality – Advanced AR Training Experiences

The VOXReality project is a pioneering effort to expand the potential of AR in industrial training by incorporating innovative XR Streaming and advanced AI models. The project promises a future where AR is not just a visualisation tool, but a rich, interactive and immersive learning experience. The integration of AR and AI not only changes the way we learn and interact in industrial environments, but also lays the foundation for a safer and more efficient industrial future.

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Carina Pamminger

Carina Pamminger is the Head of Research at Holo-Light, an innovative company and global leader in Extended Reality (XR) technologies. Carina brings over ten years of research experience across several disciplines, ranging from the games and transportation industry to augmented and virtual reality sectors. As Head of Research at Holo-Light, Carina actively engages in research projects with various academic, industrial, and non-profit partners such as BMW, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, and more. Her main interest areas are in investigating novel ways of leveraging innovative XR technologies to further enable and enhance the Industrial Metaverse.